This 10 week session will involve rhythm and footwork in the tap style. 4 levels will be offered if there is enough interest. (Spring session will only have 9 lessons)

Beginner – for the adult wanting to learn tap (0-1 year experience)

Advanced Beginner – for the adult with 1-3 years of experienced

Intermediate – for the adult with 4-6 years of previous experience

University/Advanced –  for the adult already having tap skills (7 plus years of experience –  Elementary CDTA or Pre-Int 3 ADAPT level).  )

Classes will be 45 minutes in length. Tap shoes (either cuban heel or oxford style are required).



This 10 week session is for the advanced dancer wanting to continue training in jazz and contemporary. (Spring session will only have 9 lessons)



Zumba involves dance and aerobic movements done to energetic movement. This hour long class will give you a great workout in a fun-filled atmosphere. Classes will run for 10 weeks.