Acrobatics & Stretch

Acrobatics is a fun class for students to gain strength, balance, coordination and flexibility. Students begin with strengthening and stretching, and finish learning balancing, limbering and tumbling. Students are placed in classes based on their age, experience and ability.

Pre-Primary Acro

A new class introduced for our 4 – 5 year olds! A great introduction for children in the world of Acrobatics. This class uses imagery, stories, music and rhythm to help create movement awareness and teach important skills for tumbling. This class works well with the Combination 1 & 2 program.

Class – 60 minutes once a week

Primary Acro

A continuation on the skills taught in Pre-Primary Acro. Students will work on stretching, strengthening, balancing, and Acrobatic elements. This class is recommended with the Combination 3 & 4 program.

Class – 60 minutes once a week

Junior – Senior Acro

Starting at the Junior level, the Acrobatics class will be split into two parts: Stretch & Strength and Acro Tumbling.

The Stretch class has a focus on building flexibility and strength to improve student’s range of motion. It also prepares students for study in Acrobatic dance, which is beneficial to all disciplines.

The Acro Tumbling class may be added. Instruction in balancing, tumbling and limbering are included.  Students must be registered in Stretch to participate in the Tumbling class. The Acro Tumbling class will be held immediately after Stretch.

Classes are as follows:

Stretch Classes

  • Junior Stretch & Strength: 45 minute class once a week
  • Intermediate Stretch & Strength: 45 minute class once a week
  • Senior Stretch & Strength: 45 minute class once a week

Stretch/Acro Classes

These classes include the Stretch & Strength class, with added time for Acro tumbling

  • Junior Stretch/Acro: 75 minute class once a week
  • Intermediate Stretch/Acro: 90 minute class once a week
  • Senior Stretch/Acro: 90 minute class once a week

Choreography Classes

  • Choreography Class – 60 minute class once a week (beginning in January).  If you are interested in being part of the routine that is being created for the year end show – please add this class.  Only applicable to students 8 years and older.  Competition participation is at the teacher’s discretion.



  • Leotard with jazz shorts or leggings
  • Mondor (#312 or #314) tights in Suntan, or in a color that matches dancer’s skin tone
  • Please wear leggings or tights and a bodysuit (no sports bras or bare legs)
  • Bare feet 
  • Hair – Tied back, up, and off the face


  • White or black t-shirt, with black pants
  • Bare feet
  • Please wear full pants and tuck shirt in (no bare legs)

*We fully support our dancer’s if they would like to alter the color of their tights and shoes to match their skin tone

Covid Statement

All classes include a portion of time to ensure students and teachers are protected against the spreading of Covid-19.  Hand sanitizing (soap, gel or wipes) and the use of cleaning of products will be used ensure everyone’s safety.  Social distancing measures will be enforced within the class as well.