These classes develop strength and flexibility as well as provide an excellent base for acrobatic dance.  Instruction in balancing and tumbling as well as limbering and stretching are included.  Placement to be determined by teacher based on age, experience and ability.

Class lengths are as follows:

  • Acro – 55 Minutes  – one 55 minute class once a week (skills only – no choreography)
  • Acro 75 minutes – one 75 minute class once a week (skills only – no choreography)
  • Acro – 90 minutes – one 90 minute class once a week (skills only – no choreography)
  • Choreography Class – 45 minute class once a week (beginning in January).  If you are interested in being part of the routine that is being created for the year end show – please add this class.  Only applicable to students registered in 75 minute or 90 minute long acro classes.  Competition participation is at the teacher’s discretion.


  • Leotard, Jazz Shorts, or black leggings
  • At the Senior level – High waisted leggings and Martin Sports Bra (or Black) also appropriate
  • Mondor Suntan Tights (#318)
  • Bare Feet
  • Ponytail


  • White or Black T-Shirt, Shorts
  • Bare Feet