About Acrobatics

Acrobatics is a fun class for students to gain strength, balance, coordination and flexibility. Students begin with strengthening and stretching, and finish learning balancing, limbering and tumbling. Students are placed in classes based on their age, experience and ability.  Acro is a great class for any athlete looking to cross-train for their sport.

Acrobatics Classes

Acro Technique and Choreography

Acro Technique classes focus on building flexibility and strength to improve student’s range of motion. Students train in balancing, limbering, strength and tumbling.  They are also prepared for optional Acrobatic dance exams.

Students in Acro Technique are able to add on an additional Acro Choreography class. In this class, students will learn acrobatic choreography for our annual Recital. Some Acro Choreography classes will also compete.

Classes are as follows:

Acro Technique Classes

These classes are open to any student.  Classes are 60 minutes once a week

Acro Choreography Classes

These classes are open to any student in the Acro Technique classes.  A 45 minute class once a week.  Class placement is at the teacher’s discretion.


  • Identifies female – Leotard with jazz shorts and tights, or leggings
  • Identifies male – White or black t-shirt, with black tight fighting pants or leggings
  • Bare feet
  • Hair – Tied back, up, and off the face

    *We fully support our dancers if they would like to alter the color of their tights and shoes to match their skin tone.

    Stretch and Strength

    Stretch and strength classes will be taught by Valeria and will offer students an opportunity to increase their strength while lengthening their muscles.

    This class is great for cross training in any sport as well. Students are placed in classes based on the teacher’s discretion.

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