About Modern

Danced to percussive music, this dance form teaches freedom of movement and expression.  Classes begin at age 8.  These classes are only offered to students in the Competitive Program.  Students are prepared for examinations through the CDTA Modern Syllabus, and competition participation at the discretion of the teacher.

Modern Pathways

Competitive Program

Class Lengths

Junior/Intermediate – 45 minutes
Senior – 60 minutes


  • Black leotard and leggings with Mondor #312 or #314 in Suntan, or a color that matches dancer’s skin tone, or
  • Black t-shirt (tight fitting) with black pants
  • Bare feet 
  • Hair – Ponytail or bun (tied back and off the face)

*We fully support our dancers if they would like to alter the color of their tights and shoes to match their skin tone.

Modern Gallery