Emily Lightheart danced at Martin School of Dance & Baton for 15 years, training in tap, jazz, ballet, lyrical, hip hop, baton, acro, and heels. She has completed her pre-advanced ADAPT tap exam, intermediate 3 jazz exam, Grade 8 RAD exam, and Advanced Foundation RAD exam. She started assisting baton and combination classes at 14 years old. She started choreographing at 15, and received numerous awards, including choreography awards and a third place finish at Gravity dance-off.

Emily competed with Team Canada at the World Tap Dance Championships in Riesa, Germany in 2016 and 2019. The team placed second and third in 2016. In 2019, Emily received a scholarship to attend the Orange County Tap Festival in California, where she studied under numerous tap masters and was first introduced to the world of rhythm tap. After graduating high school she moved to Calgary to train with the Tritone Rhythm Ensemble studying under Tasha Lawson.  She has studied body music, historical repertoire, music theory, tap technique, improvisation, and rhythm tap. She has learned from over 30 guest artists from all over the world and performed throughout the city of Calgary. She trained with Tritone for 2 years, in the second year she also completed the Tritone Teacher Training Program and started her first year at the University of Calgary.


  • Accredited and Certified Instructor – ADAPT Syllabus (Tap and Jazz)
  • Accredited and Certified Instructor – Tritone Teacher Training Program (Tap)
  • Pre-Advanced Tap ADAPT certificate
  • Intermediate 3 Jazz ADAPT certificate
  • Advanced Foundation and Grade 8 RAD certificate
  • Former Member: Martin Showcase Dancers